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Uncategorized Jun 10, 2019

Here is an email I sent to our Wild Foods list.

I think it is good enough to also post here.


Dear Wildling,
There is a constant to the 20,000 or so of you reading this email.

It's this: you want to look your best, feel your best, and perform your best.

How you balance those goals while navigating the many traps traps of alcohol, poor sleep, and poor diet is going to be wildly different for you compared to anyone else reading this email.

I often forget to revisit the basics in my own life. I say this even though I actually make a point to focus on them as often as possible! It's just never enough, and so I fail to reiterate these basics to those around me as much as I should.

We all get pulled into complexity. It's how our society and the corporations around us operate. They profit from it.

It is the way it is, which is why you must be ever vigilant in your self-awareness of yourself and your habits. If you don't, you will pay a hefty price in the form of psychological and physical well-being. 

Simply put: The complexity, confusion and distraction of our modern world is at ODDS with your goals to look your best, feel your best, and perform your best.

So, today's email is a reminder of the basics.

What I'm about to list is the literal answer to your every human desire. I say this without knowing you personally because I know you share the same deep-seated human drives as me and every other human alive today. It's just biology, after all.

Here is the template to achieving your every dream and desire because your every dream and desire is built on a foundation of health and well being (science and biology easily affirms this):

1. Eat Real Food. Raw/Real ingredients prepared at home is the foundation of your health as the human animal. Period. Nothing else to say here.
2. Get outside in nature and move. Movement, exercise, and nature belong together. Get outside, move at a slow and sometimes fast pace, lift heavy objects sometimes, get sunlight, listen to the birds chirp, be in the moment.
3. Stop filling your body with poisons, especially sugar, alcohol and pharmaceuticals.
4. Get social. Spend time with friends and family.
5. Don't watch the news and get off your phone and other addicting technologies. (You can use them, but make sure it's you doing the using—most get USED BY these technologies, which is exactly the purpose their creators designed them for.)

In that short list, you can build the body and health of your dreams. This foundation then gives you every advantage in the world for building all the other aspects of your life, from relationships, to finances, to accomplishment. 

Now for an unfortunately reality. Which is this... you didn't pay for this information, which makes it less likely you will use it to take action.

This is one of those unfortunate realities of the human condition. You have no "skin in the game," per se.

Hopefully pointing this out will help you recognize this as more than a hypey email you read on Sunday. Then, hopefully, you will resolve to take real action in your life for the better.

I sincerely hope that.

Your future and our children's future depend on us all getting as close as we can to the list above.

Yours in Health,

-Colin Stuckert


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