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Keeping You Accountable

All of us have weaknesses. And all of us do better when other humans are keeping us on point. For some, this alone is the game-changer.


We get you taking action on the vital few things that move the needle. We also help you block out the distraction and say NO to all the shiny objects that are keeping you stuck.


Through our monthly Q/A calls, private FB group, and accountability support, you get the help you need every step of the way as your journey evolves.


A Japanese word meaning "constant improvement."

We believe in constant, daily improvement of the self, our business, or relationships.

The way of thinking will infiltrate (for the better) every aspect of your life.

Guru's Keep You Poor

You've seen the countless ”marketing gurus" out there. And sure, many of them have valuable things to say.

The problem is, listening to a hodgepodge of random social media content with no rhyme or reason isn’t actually doing anything for your goals.

What you need is action and consistency in building your business. And this starts by eliminating as much of the noise from your life as possible, marketing gurus especially.

Colin Stuckert - The Wild CEO, Co-Founder/CEO

Serial Entrepreneur, current company: $0-$3,000,000 in two years.

I'm obsessed with helping people get results so we can all work together to build a better world for the next generation.

I've never met a person that was mentally or physically unable to be successful. There is no lack of skill or brains, only lack of belief and action. There are too many good people stuck working jobs they hate, barely scraping by, while wasting gobs of innate talent and can-do. This saddens me. This is why we started Tribe10k, with has the explicit goal of helping as many people as possible build a better life.

-Colin Stuckert, Founder/CEO
Tribe10k & Wild Foods Co

Brent Philbin - Co-Founder

Brent is been the living embodiment that with a roadmap, you can accomplish anything. 

  • He started and grew a popular podcast without any prior experience or knowledge. 
  • He created a successful Escape Room business without ever designing anything, let alone an advanced physical game space. 
  • He was been invited to speak at conferences in front of thousands of tech insiders and prominent figures.
  • He's spent over 150 nights at sea on cruise ships for free, by leveraging his poker knowledge. 

Brent brings his unique brand of learning on the fly to Tribe10k's program. (He's also lost 40 lbs since moving to Austin!)

"This sounds insane, but exactly one hour of time with Colin saved me thousands of hours of my life, and generated me 6 figures of income. Not everyone can expect that, but the knowledge contained in his mind is unparalleled. "

Josh Gibson
Founder/CEO Crossfit Estero

Current Tribe10k Students

Coach Ross

Founder / CEO of

Biggest hurdles: letting the opinions of others dictate my actions / lifestyle / outcomes instead of listening to myself

Biggest Aha moment: Knowing I had a genuine message that people would resonate with, relate to, and understand. Which I have since capitalized on and turned my passions into a business of helping other people change their lives through fitness, nutrition, and mental health.

Results: I got my first client by direct outreach on social media. Built my first products and website starting from scratch. I have taken a concept into a fully fledged business in 60 days by staying consistent and accountable to myself.

Allison Bingham

Non-toxic Beauty & Lifestyle, Nutrition and mindset. 

Biggest hurdles: Resistance, consistency, seeing the vision, creating the daily habit. 

Biggest Aha moment: Realizing what life would be like if I had to raise my son alone. That was my needed push to get going.

Result: Finally figuring out my niche and completing my e-book in 3 days. Getting that done and going was a huge mental push in the right direction.

Ebony Kenney

The Uncaged Collective

Dating and Lifestyle Coaching Uncaged

Biggest Hurdles - Doing that one thing consistently, day in and out on my terms. 

Biggest Aha Moment: Getting off of that first strategy call and realizing how much I could help people. 

Results: Banging that Drum for the first time - getting my first client was cathartic. 

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